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This was our winning advert for the Warwick Film Festival in 2012. Thanks to everyone that helped us. It was great fun!

Here's a little bit of 'tea' magic for you...

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is an exciting variety of tea. It is neither 100% oxidized like black tea or 0% oxidized like green tea. It is somewhere in the middle. You can get oolong tea that is quite green (as little as 30% oxidized) or quite black (up to 80% oxidized).These teas are light and have a unique fruitiness to them and are therefore not drunk with milk. You can also experience a number of infusions making this tea quite low in price per cup.

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Formosa Oolong
Origin: Taiwan Formosa, meaning ‘beautiful’ and the former name of Taiwan, describes a blend of oolong produced in Taiwan, an island famous for the production of this type of tea. Originally introd..
Milky Oolong
Origin: Fujian Province, China Ingredients: Half-Fermented, flavouring (lactose) This is a real speciality in the tea world. Shortly after the withering process the wet leaves are steamed with mil..
Orange Oolong Blossom
Grade: OP (Orange Pekoe) Ingredients: Luxury Black, Green, and Oolong Tea, Jasmine Petals, Natural Flavours The world’s most romantic tea? Possibly! In the west, the orange blossom is said to re..
Flowers of Asia Oolong
Ingredients - Chinese half-oridized oolong, flavouring, pink rosebuds, Roman chamomile Exotic Mango notes meander through our new favourite oolong tea, which is rounded off with the fresh flavours ..
By Dave Carr
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