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Here's a little bit of 'tea' magic for you...

Scented & Flavoured Tea

Our flavoured and scented teas only use natural high quality ingredients.

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Maple Toffee Black Tea
Ingredients: Black Tea 71%, Cinnamon Pieces, Dehydrated Maple Syrup, Cinnamon Rods, Flavouring, Popcorn, White Cornflower Blossoms We were fascinated by the popular Canadian tradition of making Map..
Milky Oolong
Origin: Fujian Province, China Ingredients: Half-Fermented, flavouring (lactose) This is a real speciality in the tea world. Shortly after the withering process the wet leaves are steamed with mil..
Oolong Mystery
Grade: Artisan Handcrafted Ingredients: Luxury Chinese White Oolong Tea, Amaranth Blossom, Nasturtium Blossom These flowering teas are just stunning. It is rare to see an oolong version. It has ..
Orange Oolong Blossom
Grade: OP (Orange Pekoe) Ingredients: Luxury Black, Green, and Oolong Tea, Jasmine Petals, Natural Flavours The world’s most romantic tea? Possibly! In the west, the orange blossom is said to re..
Rose Tea
Grade: OP Ingredients: Luxury Ceylon, Rosehip Chips, Rose Petals, Blackberry Leaves, Natural Flavouring This tea has the ability to make any room burst with the aromas of summer. Images of warm ..
Shakespeare Blend
Ingredients: A Selection of Broken Leaf Assam & Sumatran Tea, Chinese Black Tea Scented with Rose, Rose Petals, Safflower Petals This blend was specially created for the Shakespeare Birthplace ..
Snow Love Fruit Infusion
Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Pear Pieces, Air Dried Apple Cubes, Freeze Dried Pear Pieces, Flavouring, Popcorn   It is a sweet and delicious fruit infusion with the rich taste of pear and jui..
Summer Melody Sencha
Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea, Flavouring, Orange Peel, Cat’s Foot (Mountain Everlasting), Freeze-Dried Strawberry Pieces If you are looking for a tea that conjures up warm and sunny summer days t..
Vanilla Black
Ingredients: Chinese Black Tea, Flavouring and Vanilla Pieces This tea is made with real vanilla pieces. It has a smooth and rich  flavour that can be enhanced with a touch of milk. Definitely..
Wild Cherry Sencha
Ingredients: Chinese Sencha Green Tea, Freeze-Dried Sour Cherry Pieces, Flavouring This is a real classic amongst flavoured green teas. This delicious tea is blended with sour cherry pieces  a..
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