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This was our winning advert for the Warwick Film Festival in 2012. Thanks to everyone that helped us. It was great fun!

Here's a little bit of 'tea' magic for you...

Drinking Chocolate Variety Classic

Drinking Chocolate Variety Classic
Drinking Chocolate Variety Classic
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Timeless drinking pleasure:

+ Bitter Classic
+ Rich Almond
+ Caffe Latte
+ Nut Nougat
+ White Vanilla
Five different varieties. One bar per variety.

110 g packages at 5 bars per 22 g 


Blend a bar of Drinking Chocolate with 0.2 or 0.3 l litres of hot milk, either in a blender or using a hand-held blender. And ready is your drinking chocolate smoothie!

Creamy mixture: 
In a small pan, bring 200ml milk to the boil, add one chocolate bar and combine well with a hand blender. Briefly boil one more time and the chocolate drink is ready!

First of all, heat 0.2 or 0.3 l of milk according to taste and froth it. Now let the Drinking Chocolate bar bathe in the milk for 1-2 minutes, then whisk the chocolate bar. Let the drink rest for another 1-2 minutes so the aromas can unfold. Whisk once again and enjoy!

Cool – Drinking Chocolate on Ice: 
Prepare your Drinking Chocolate “normally", let it cool down in the fridge and serve it with ice cubes or crushed ice.

By Dave Carr
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