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Watch our Advert

This was our winning advert for the Warwick Film Festival in 2012. Thanks to everyone that helped us. It was great fun!

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100g Japanese Tin - Blue Flowers
A beautiful Japanese tea tin with a flavour-protective lid. It holds approximately 100g of tea. Dimentions: 103mm x 69mm PLEASE NOTE: Please inform us if you wish to add any purchased&nb..
200g Japanese Tin - Blue Flowers
A beautiful Japanese tea tin with a flavour-protective lid. It holds approximately 200g of tea. Dimentions: 158mm x 76mm PLEASE NOTE: Please inform us if you wish to add any purchased lo..
7 Min Herbal Tea Timer
20% OFF!!!! from £4.85 to £3.88! A fun must-have accessory for herbal tea lovers that will ensure that perfect cup every time. Dimentions - 78mm x 23mm ..
Labooko Milk Chocolate 70% 'Dark Style' No Added Sugar
2 x 35g chocolate bars An exciting tale! A chocolate that dares not to be sweet. It is very close to the very first chocolate, since the Mayans and the Aztecs didn’t sweeten their chocol..
Labooko Nicaragua 50%
2 x 35g chocolate bars Nicaragua 50% - THE BEST MILK CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD! ‘The best milk chocolate in the world’ – according to the assessment of chocolate taster Geor..
Grade: Super Blue Petals Lavender by name and nature, through and through! This flower has it all. It is well known that lavender is used for perfuming, but it also makes for a divine floral tis..
Lemon Rooibos
Origin: South Africa Grade: First Grade Ingredients: Rooibos, Lemongrass, Natural Lemon Flavour A classic!  This entirely natural blend entices it's audience to put the kettle on and pull up..
Origin: Thailand Grade: First Grade Lemongrass is a perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia and is noted for its lemony scent and ginger undertones. Its lemon character is due to a high concent..
Nepal Black Maloom
Nepal Black - Maloom Origin: Nepal This exquisite tea is overflowing with aromatic and flowery notes and is often compared to some of the finest Darjeeling's.  The remote and small Maloom p..
Orange Lady
Orange Lady Black Tea Grade: OP Ingredients: Black Tea (94%), Orange Peel, Natural Orange Flavouring Lady Grey, who? Let us introduce you to Lady Orange; light, refreshing and the closest ble..
Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate Herbal Infusion Origin: Brazil This national drink with caffeine originally comes from Paraguay, southern Brazil and Argentina. The tea comes from the green leaves of a type of holly...
Counting Sheep
Ingredients: chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, lavender Our very own sleeping aid to send you off on a calming slumber. Poppy has blended this caffeine-free tisane with our finest herbal teas mi..
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