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This was our winning advert for the Warwick Film Festival in 2012. Thanks to everyone that helped us. It was great fun!

Here's a little bit of 'tea' magic for you...

Lemon Rooibos

Lemon Rooibos
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Origin: South Africa
Grade: First Grade
Ingredients: Rooibos, Lemongrass, Natural Lemon Flavour

A classic! This entirely natural blend entices it's audience to put the kettle on and pull up an oversized chair to sink into.  The fine Rooibos base has only two accompaniments - all-natural lemon flavouring and lemongrass. The result is a colourful yet complimentary infusion that will comfort and revitalise.

Brewing Instructions:
- one teaspoon/cup
- 98 ̊C water temperature
- steep for 5 mins+
- usually drunk without milk
- may not be reinfused

By Dave Carr
© 2015 - Golden Monkey Tea Company