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Watch our Advert

This was our winning advert for the Warwick Film Festival in 2012. Thanks to everyone that helped us. It was great fun!

Here's a little bit of 'tea' magic for you...

Labooko Blackcurrant

Labooko Blackcurrant
Labooko Blackcurrant
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A purple fruit bar with a delicious berry flavour, created from pure cocoa butter, all natural, untreated raw cane sugar and many many blackcurrants, which give the bar its beautiful colour and very berry flavour.

Fragrance notes: blackcurrants melted with sugar 
Taste notes: mild note of cocoa, caramelised raw cane sugar with lemon, intense blackcurrant aroma, notes of lemon, tangysweet, fruity finish

Shelf life: 5 months from shipping date

By Dave Carr
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